Training recap week #1



Week: 1/16

Runs: 4

Miles: 13.79

Legs: Slightly sluggish

Mood: Optimistic

So that’s the end of week 1 of 16 of my marathon training plan. I’ve chosen a plan aimed at “improvers” as although I haven’t run a full marathon before, I have done several half marathons and I have a pretty good understanding of how my body handles running longish distances. The first 4 weeks of the plan focus on easy or steady pace runs, with time rather than distance goals. Other than making it rather more difficult to plan a route when thinking in minutes, this really doesn’t make much difference to me! I know that my easy pace is around 11 min/mile, so that has been my target this week.

I think this first week actually went really well, I haven’t run so consistently for a long time, but I had virtually no aches or soreness beyond the very very minor. In fact the only issue I had was on Saturday evening after an hour walking along muddy tracks up on the Ridgeway. At that point my legs felt super sore and tired, but happily a bit of foam rolling and a massage from Matt sorted it right out and they’ve been fine since.

I’m looking forward to week 2!

I’m running the 2017 London Marathon for Mind, the mental health charity.
If you’d like to sponsor me please go to my fundraising page here!


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