I’m going to run a marathon!


So, this is the big announcement that I alluded to in my post earlier this week. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to write this, and it turns out that the right moment is the end of week 1 of marathon training. I guess now it feels real enough for me to “say it out loud”.

On April 23rd this year, I’m going to be running the Virgin Money London Marathon!


This was a plan that hatched last spring, after running the Bath and Reading half marathons. I decided that I wanted to try and raise some money for charity, and to turn the good that running does for me into good for others too. I applied for a place in a charity team and found out in September 2016 that I was successful.

I’m incredibly proud and excited to announce that I’ll be running for Mind, the mental health charity!

The work that they do: providing support, improving education, raising awareness, and more… is truly amazing, and in these times when, because of incredibly high demand, our NHS struggles to provide timely assistance to those in need, also incredibly necessary!

I’ve pledged to raise at least £2000 for Mind, so please do sponsor me if you can! My fundraising page can be found by clicking here.

This is the biggest challenge I’ve ever attempted, and your support means the world to me!

Over the next 15 weeks I will post regular training updates, I’ll write about mental health issues and post plenty of photos for your entertainment.


p.s. I can’t end this post without a huge thank you to Matthew,
my #1 supporter, unofficial coach, and very patient photographer!


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