Monthly Archives: November 2016

Pressing the reset button

Last Sunday morning started, as more than I’d like do, with tears and anxiety and a strong desire to hide under the duvet and refuse to face the world.

But. Matt and I had planned to go for a run, and he’s still riding the “I can’t believe I can do this” high of a brand new runner, so together we made it happen. At one point the duvet may have had to be forcibly removed from the bed, but I won’t go any further into that!

We headed out into what turned out to be the only bit of sunshine we saw all weekend and set off at a relaxed pace. We ran non-stop for 5km (a first for Matt), and after a quick walk break to check on sore knees and cross a busy road we managed another mile and a half round the park before calling it a day.

After the run, the earlier anxiety was gone and even the memory seemed distant, like it must have been part of a different day. And that’s what running can do, if I can make it happen, it has the power to hit the reset button on even the most rubbish of mornings, and give me a new perspective with which to face the day.

Do you use running or other exercise to turn around a bad day? And how do you get motivated when you feel awful and don’t have a partner to kick you into gear? I’d love to hear from you!